0002 Maintainership Transfer Process#




As a part of the lifecycle of maintainership in the Open edX platform, we need a process by which the current maintainers can give up maintainership of a component. We want to define a process where, when the current maintainer can no longer support a component that the maintainership can pass to someone in the community who can or a process is defined if no one wants to maintain the component.


We will define a simple process for seeking a new maintainer as well as what to do if a new maintainer cannot be found.

Process Definition#

A flowchart graphically representing the maintainership transfer process.


Communicate on the forums that component X is seeking a new maintainer.

Hello, I'm the current maintainer of `component X`.  I am no longer able to
dedicate the amount of time needed to properly maintain this component to the
level described in (OEP-55)[https://open-edx-proposals.readthedocs.io/en/latest/processes/oep-0055-proc-project-maintainers.html]
and I am seeking a new maintainer.

Code: /link/to/codebase
Docs: /link/to/docs

On <date 2 weeks in the future> if now new maintainer can be found I'll begin
putting `component X` through the deprecation and removal process.


It is recommend that similar to the Deprecation process, a wait period of at least 2 weeks should be given to give the community ample time to respond.

  • Monitor responses

  • Respond to questions


If a new maintainer is found, initiate the transfer process.

A chart defining the parts of the transfer process.

  1. Once you know who the new maintainer is, announce the decision on the discourse thread created in the Announce phase.

  2. Add the new maintainer(s) to the relevant maintainers GitHub group. <component_name>-maintainers

  3. (Optional but recommended) Meet with the new maintainers and review what is being transferred and any relevant knowledge that needs to be transferred.

  4. Ask the new maintainers to remove you from the maintainers group.

  5. The new maintainer will announce that the transfer is complete.


If you were unable to find a new maintainer for a component, then it is your responsibility to put the component through the deprecation and removal(DEPR) process

  1. Update the thread created in the Announce phase to communicate that no new maintainer was found, so the component will be deprecated and removed. This thread will now serve the purpose of communicating the deprecation.

  2. Follow the DEPR process.


  • If a new owner of a component cannot be found, it must be put through the full deprecation process by the current maintainer.

Rejected Alternatives#

Integrate the Maintainership Transfer process into the DEPR Process#

  • The existing DEPR process and its documentation is oriented fully around the removal of code, updating it would require a significant re-write of the DEPR OEP.

  • The overlap between what DEPR needs and what OEP-55 needs is fairly small, mostly around announcing.

  • It’s easy to have a simple transfer process that feeds into the existing DEPR process.


  • Link to the deprecation process.