Data Generation Functions#




Devstack currently has no standard way of creating dev data. Over time, developers have figured out their own ways to create data for local development. Recently, OEP-37 was proposed, which suggests a standardized method for creating dev data.


To be iterative in implementation, we decided not to follow OEP-37 completely. Specifically, we decided to implement dev data generation functions in the load_dev_data management command. This results in centralization of dev data creation into the load_dev_data management command. This is meant to be a temporary measure until we have wider usage of this method of creating data.

In the future, we hope to move these dev data generation functions into a plugin style architecture, where load_dev_data management command is able to discover dev data generation functions during run time.


  • Dev data generation is centralized to load_dev_data management command in each IDA

  • The file will grow larger as new data is supported

  • load_dev_data management command will be modified every time new data is supported